Double Shot Bar Services is family-owned. We are a local catering and bar service company equipped to all your food service and beverage needs. We serve a wide variety of venues and events including (but not limited to) weddings, corporate meetings, alumni parties, concerts, and festivals.  We would love to serve your event! Contact us today for an estimate.




"Customer service is at the heart of our business here at Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre. Richie Bean's outstanding customer service is impeccable---service that makes everyone happy---from Broadway Stars to audience members---and all a reasonable costs. From our largest events to intimate gatherings, they do it all...and they do it with excellence! I heartily recommend them!" 

Donald Jordan, Founding artistic Director, Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre

"Double Shot provides a great service at a great value. They are always look ahead at every detail to meet the needs of their clients and guests. The attention to detail along with excellence customer service sets them apart from other vendors....and you’ll be happy you chose them for your wedding."

Jesse P., client