Thank you for your interest in Double Shot Bar Services. We strive to accommodate all your catering and bar service needs.  Every aspect of our bar service is customizable.  If you would like a custom quote, please email us with your ideas.  We'd love to help meet your needs.


All bar catering services include setup and cleanup of bar, disposable glasses and cocktail napkins.  Real glassware is available for an additional fee.

Double Shot Selections







We recommend

2 red


2 White




Scotch & Bourbon




By law, we are required to I.D.  anyone who appears to be younger than 30 years of age.  We refuse service to anyone who is unable or unwilling to show proper identification.

Bartenders Only Option

Bartenders are assigned on a ratio of one tender per 75 guests.   


Per bartender    $350


Open Bar Option 

(requires no setup fee)


Beer & Wine            $12/person


Beer & Wine & 2 liquors     $15/person


Beer & Wine & 2 liquors & signature drink     $17/person


Full Bar               $24/person 

20% gratuity will be added to each package and the bartenders will also set out tip jars.


All beverages are served in Plastic barware.  Glass barware is an additional $2.50 /person.  

Guest Count

Final guest number will be required 10 days prior to your event.

Mixers: club soda, tonic water, bloody mary, sweet and sour.

Juices: orange juice, cranberry juice

soda: classic coke, diet coke, sprite

Bar Fruits:  lemons, limes 

*We are not limited to these selections. 

Other Services


Other services include  Outdoor festivals, and fundraising events. 

*Tip Jars will be positioned at the bar.

 Gratuity is not included in these prices.   


*Fundraisers and Benefits with donated beverages will just have to pay the bartender fees.   


Final payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card is due one week prior to your event 

Liquor Tax

Pleast allow a 10% liquor tax to be added to your invoice.